Reaction Feats

Hello everyone, it’s me again.  This post is dedicated to something I introduced in my last post.
Reaction Feats.

Reaction feats are intended to be compatible with the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game.  They are not intended to be used often.

Special Rules on Reaction Feats:  Reaction feats may indicate a prerequisite against player characters.  Not regular characters, specifically player characters.  These effects are only usable with characters that are being played by a player.  “target a player character”, means the effect can only affect a character targeting a player character.

You might be thinking:  “Hold up!?  What’s a player supposed to do if they take one of these feats!?”  And you’d be thinking along the wrong lines.  These are designed to be taken by the player’s enemies.  These are additional tools for the GM to wield in the ever increasing desire to challenge the PC’s.

You may also be asking “why are these called reaction feats!? why not villain feats!?”  And that’s because villain feats are already a thing.  They are called “Betrayal Feats”, and they are pretty awesome.  These are called reaction feats because they specifically REACT to things the players may do.  They also tend to have prerequisites that specifically call out things the Player characters have to do for someone to get access to these feats.

Otherwise, they operate like normal feats; granting powers to the character who has them.  Thank you for reading.  With out further ado… a small collection of Reaction feats to scare the pants off your players with!



Apocalyptic Spell
Prerequisite: Ability to cast 5th level spells, swear bloody vengeance against the Player Characters within ear-shot.
When you cast a spell you may choose to grant it the apocalyptic descriptor. These spells can affect a rather large area, or way more targets. The caster may consume extra spell slots to cast the spell. The spell affects one extra target, or one extra area within range of the spell per Spell Level consumed.


Chains of Attrition
Prerequisite: Fight at least 3 Player Characters and survive.
As a move action you may wrap a single player character in the ethereal chains of fate. When you would take damage, that player character talks half the damage for you. If you would take negative energy damage, or sustain a status change, or take a moral penalty, the wrapped character also takes the effect as well. This ends when another character is wrapped or the character with this feat dies, or the character with this feat moves 50 feet away.


Craven Retreat
Prerequisite: Fought at least 4 Player characters and have died, and was resurrected.
When you take a withdraw action, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity on any square of movement. At the end of your withdraw action, you may attempt a run action as well. This run action is at 6 times your base speed instead of your normal run speed.

Danger Zone!
Prerequisite: Power attack or Point Blank Shot, Cleave or Rapid Shot, and have fought at least 3 Player Characters and survived.
When you take an attack action, you may select a 5 feet square within your reach, or within the first range increment of your weapon. You may designate an additional 5 foot square if your Base Attack Bonus is +4, and every 4 beyond that. These additional 5 foot squares must be adjacent to at least one previously selected 5 foot squares. All characters in the selected squares are considered targets of the attack action.


I Refuse Death!
Prerequisites: Be defeated by at least 4 Player Characters in combat and escape.
As a free action, you may forgo all additional attacks beyond your first attack to use your attacks of opportunity to negate damage. You lose all remaining attacks of opportunity, but gain one “Parry Charge” for each Attack of Opportunity lost. You may expend a Parry Charge as an immediate action to negate all HP damage from a single Player Character for a turn. Parry Charges fade at the start of your next turn.


Magical Attack Mastery
Prerequisite: The ability to cast 4th level spells. Be fighting at least 2 Player Character’s.
As a Full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can choose a single spell of 2nd level or lower that is a ray or requires a melee or ranged touch attack. When a PC ends a movement, you may resolve an attack as if you had just cast the selected spell on the PC that ended its movement. At the start of your next round, that spell is consumed.

Move and Die
Prerequisites: have a group of at least 3 PC’s thwart one of your plots, Rapid Reload or Quicken Spell.
As a full-round action you can declare a readied ranged attack against each Player Character in range. When a Player Character takes an action that does not result in an attack roll against you, you may immediately attack them with the readied ranged attack. This attack may be a ranged touch attack, a spell or spell-like ability, or a ranged weapon. Ammo is immediately reloaded, and the prepared spell slot is not expended until the start of your next turn.

Oppress the Offender
Prerequisites: have a group of at least 4 PC’s thwart one of your plots
As a full-round action you can enter the stance of the Oppressor. When a Player Character takes an attack action targeting you; you may immediately charge the PC as a free action. If you cannot charge the Player Character, make a single Melee attack using your highest Attack bonus against the PC. If this attack hits, and deals damage, the PC suffers a -2 morale penalty to the attack roll.

Rapid Brutality
Prerequisite: 3 other Reaction Feats
When you take a Full-Attack action, you gain one additional attack at your full Base Attack Bonus – 5. If this extra attack misses, you suffer a -2 penalty to AC.


Revenge is Sweet
Prerequisites: Have had 6 friends, allies or cohorts killed by Player Characters at least 2 player characters, Weapon Focus
As a Move action, you can enter a Revenge Stance. While in Revenge stance, when you take HP damage from Player Character takes, you may immediately take an Attack action against a player character in range of your current weapon. Each time you take this attack action, your AC and Saves are reduced by 2 while you remain in Revenge Stance.

Ruthless Efficiency
Prerequisite: 2 other Reaction Feats
When a player character within your reach provokes an attack of opportunity, you may expend all of your attacks of opportunity you may attack as if you had used a Full-Attack Action. If the character that provokes your attack of opportunity is reduced to 0 hit points or less, you change your target to another character in reach.


Prerequisite: Have fought at least one Player Character that is a spell-caster.
When a Player character casts a spell on you and you fail a save versus the effect, you may make a charge action against the spell caster ignoring obstacles in the way. If your charge attack succeeds, you get a second save versus the spell at a -4 penalty. The caster may opt that you succeed the save, to prevent the charge.


Treasure Doppelganger
Prerequisite: Fought at least 3 player characters and have died, and was resurrected; Craft Magical Arms and armor, Craft wondrous Item, Craft Construct
When you wear a piece of magical equipment in every magical equipment slot, you may meditate for 6 hours. Doing so creates a magical doppelganger of yourself held together by the magical field created by each piece of equipment adorn by it. The Doppelganger can act and has all of your abilities, and is wearing your equipment. Removing any equipment or sundering a piece of gear causes the doppelganger to fade, as well as physical damage equal to your own maximum Hit point value. If the doppelganger fades, all it’s equipment drops where it was, and your ability to wear or gain benefit of magical equipment for 24 hours. This doppelganger can be commanded by you mentally as long as you and the doppelganger exist on the same plane. You may only have one Treasure Doppelganger active at a time.

Waltz of Combat
Prerequisite: 30 feet movement speed or higher, have home invaded at least once by 3 or more Player Characters.
As a Move action you may enter a Waltz stance. While in the Waltz stance, when a PC you can see takes a move action you may move 5 feet. This 5 feet increases by an additional 5 feet every time a PC makes a move action. This bonus movement resets to 5 feet at the start of your next turn. Sustaining the Waltz stance is a move action.


Wound Catch
Prerequisite: Toughness, be wounded by a Melee weapon from a Player character.
When a player character would deal damage to you with a Melee weapon, you may opt to have the weapon embedded in your flesh. Pulling the weapon free provokes an attack of opportunity. Otherwise the player may drop the weapon as a free action.  When you would be reduced to 0 Hit points, the weapon may be pulled free without provoking attacks of opportunity.


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