Slave to one’s Vices

So, I’ve been toying around with an idea for a new “Villain” class.  For the desperate, the silly, the ridiculous.

For your Joker like villains.  For your addicts.  For Your uncontrollable force of nature villains, I give you the Viceslave.
A being unable to control just what they do.



You can’t stop. You want to on some level, and maybe you can for a few days… but the urge will get too strong. The whispers clawing behind your eyes guide you. They show you the way, they tell you the when and where. Maybe, maybe you shouldn’t have done it the first time? But, then you wouldn’t have all this power. Each time you give in, each time you sink a little lower into the whispers, you get stronger. A better grip, a firmer handle, a general clear headedness that can’t be compared too.
You can’t stop, and while on some level you don’t want to, on another level, you want to. The voices that claw at the back of your mind beckon you, and who are you to say no to what makes you stronger? But what you are doing is wrong… so why does it make you better?
Role: The Viceslave is an inconsolable creature. So self-adsorbed in the internal conflict with the struggle to control itself that it does not take consideration or precaution for external collateral damage. As a force of nature, this villain is a glorious example of the all too human nature to self-consume.
Alignment: Any Evil. Though Good and Neutral Habit fiends may exist, generally the drive to sate it’s own dark desires will eventually turn it evil.
Hit Die: d10
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge(local), Perception, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Stealth, Survival, Swim, Use Magic Device
Skills Per Level: 2 + Int modifier

ClassFeature Table 2

Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
This class is proficient with simple weapons and with light armor.
Unstable Urge (Ex) — The life of a Viceslave doesn’t start easy. It starts with an urge that cannot be controlled. Once per day, the Viceslave must partake in some kind of depraved vice to gain his powers. At first level, the Viceslave must select an urge to draw power from. Once selected, the Viceslave many not change it.:
Urge: You must collect secrets. Once every 24 hours you must collect a secret from someone you know of, and expose them to the idea that someone else knows.
Urge: You hunger for the discomfort of others. Once every 24 hours, you must create a scene that makes at least one other person uncomfortable.
Urge: The everyday hum of life makes your skin crawl. Once every 24 hours you must disrupt the flow of some formal process or daily routine within someone’s life.
Urge: Your dark hunger can only be sated when something else’s life ends. Once every 24 hours you must slay a living creature that you do not own.
Urge: Each clean surface and pristine statue is an affront to your senses. Once every 24 hours you must damage an object that does not belong to you.

Aura of Malevolence (Su) — Each time the Viceslave partakes of his desires, the power builds. This power is palpable as an evil aura that radiates from the Viceslave. The strength of the aura is directly proportional to the HD of the Viceslave. The aura reaches out 5 feet per hit die.
Dormancy (Su) — When the Viceslave goes one day per Hit Die without giving into the villain’s urge; the Viceslave becomes dormant. The Viceslave loses all class features and his Aura of Malevolence, until the Viceslave gives into the urge again. Upon giving into the urge, the Viceslave gains all his class features back. Should the Viceslave give up on his urge for a time period equal to twice his HD… he must make a will save DC: 15 or lose one level of Viceslave. Each time he loses a level, the urges in his head get stronger, urging the Viceslave to go back to it’s old ways. The Viceslave continues to make this save each day beyond the first save until he returns to Level 1. At which point, the urge is just a constantly mewling in his head for his attention.
Urge Powers — At 2nd level, and every even level there, a Viceslave may choose a power from below. Unless stated otherwise, activating an urge power is a move action.
Anonymous message (Sp) — With 10 minutes of work, you can create hand written missive that is delivered via magic to the addressed person in 1 hour. The missive appears somewhere personal, like a private study, a desk drawer or a favorite book at the addressee’s home. The message may contain 1 sentence per character level. The addressee is the only person who can read this letter, afterword it puffs away in smoke.
Act out (Ex) — With a mind like yours, you can take a free-action to feint, you gain a +2 bonus to your bluff check. Your unpredictable nature is hard for even magic to detect, your movements, invisible opponents do not treat you as flat-footed.
Arson (Su) — When you deal fire damage to an object, you ignore all hardness the object has. When you deal damage with a non-magical fire source, you double your Devastating strike damage.
Break-Down (Su) —When you attempt to break something, you gain a +1 bonus to your strength check versus the break DC. This +1 bonus increases by 1 each time you get an Urge power.
Chaotic Mind (Su) — When someone tries to interact with your mind either via detect thoughts, or a similar mind effect, your brain is so scattered and chaotic that it renders the detector staggered for a round.
Compelling Evidence (Sp) — As a full-round action, you can produce reasonable physical evidence of an untasteful act. The exact nature of the evidence is relevant to a particular person the Viceslave can see. As long as the evidence can fit in the palm of someone’s hand or a small box, any kind of evidence can be fabricated for any kind of act. The fabricated evidence lasts 1 day per Viceslave level then fades to dust.
Confusing State (Su) — You are so used to acting unpredictable that you become immune to confusion and confusion like spells and effects. You may willingly “Roll” to act as if confused. If you do, one opponent you can see must succeed a will save DC: 11 + your charisma modifier + ½ your Viceslave level. IF they fail, they suffer the effects of confusion, lesser.
Copy Cat (Ex) — You gain a cohort as if you had the Leadership feat. This cohort’s level is two less than yours, and must be the same race as you. The treatment of this cohort, or any of your followers does not affect your leadership score, nor does your alignment, or previous deeds.
Death Stroke (Su) — When you roll a critical threat, you may forfeit rolling to confirm or rolling damage. Instead, the target succeed make a fort save, DC: 10 + ½ your Viceslave level + your dexterity modifier, or suffer 10 points of damage per Viceslave level. Succeeding the save deals no damage. Creatures that are not susceptible to critical hits are immune to this effect.
Expert stroke (Ex) — You have honed masterful swings to maximum effect. Your devastating strikes deal 1 additional damage per die. This is precision damage.
Fear Aura (Su) — Your aura of malevolence carries the screams of each soul you’ve sent off this coil. A creature within your aura must succeed a Will Save DC: 10 + ½ your HD or be shaken. If you have twice the HD of the creature in your aura, they are frightened instead. If you have 10 more HD then a creature in your aura, they become panicked instead.
From the Shadows (Sp) — Once per day, you may move through shadows as a move action. You may move 20 feet per Viceslave level. You must be in dim light at the start of your movement, and you must end your movement in dim light or darker. The end of your movement must be within 30 feet of a creature.
Got you! (Ex) — During the surprise round, you may act even if you normally would not, as long as you activate an urge power during the surprise round. If you do not activate an urge power, you are staggered during your next round.
Grotesque Verbiage (Su) — As a full-round action you may begin to babble utter insanities that are unsettling to listeners. Creatures that can hear you or understand you within 30 feet must succeed a Sense Motive check with a DC equal to 15 + your ranks in bluff. Those that fail suffer the effects of confusion, lesser. You may continue babbling as a free action. Each round that you babble, forces a new Sense Motive check for those who are succeeded the save. Failure renders you immune to the babbling for 24 hours, as they start to make a perverse sense to you. This is a mind-effect.
I wanna do now! (Ex) — Once per day, you may gain the benefits of a moral bonus that you see someone else gain, for the duration of said moral bonus.
Inspire Want (Sp) — You may as a full-round action cast the spell unnatural lust as a spell-like ability. The DC to resist the effects is 10+ ½ the Viceslave level + charisma mod.
Laughter (Ex) — As a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, you may cackle madly. You may maintain the laughter as a free action each round beyond the first. Creatures that hear your cackle do not know what will come next and suffer a -1 circumstance penalty to attack rolls. This penalty increases by 1 each time an affect creature hits you. When a creature misses you, this penalty resets to -1.
Painful Words (Sp) — You may as a full-round action babble horrific profanities. Such profanities when directed towards a single creature are difficult for most creatures to withstand; acting as the spell resonating words with a duration of a single round. The save is 10 + ½ the Viceslave level. The duration increases by 1 round for every 10 levels the Viceslave attains.
Perfect Forgery (Ex) — As long as you have a physical copy of someone’s handwriting, you can mimic it exactly. The DC to discern the fact that the handwriting is a forgery requires a Linguistics check DC 20 + the Viceslave’s level + the Viceslave’s ranks in Linguistics or Bluff (Whichever is higher).
Perfect Vandal (Ex) — You gain the Improved Sunder as a bonus feat. You do not have to meet the prerequisites. If you already have the Improved Sunder Feat, you gain the Greater Sunder feat as a bonus feat.
Pressing Influence (Sp) — In a small conversation, you can pick up social cues to create an uncomfortable situation for someone. When you speak with an individual for a considerable period of time, you can implant a course of action as a suggestion, as per the spell. The suggestion spell lasts a single hour. The save for the spell is 10 + ½ the Viceslave Level + charisma Modifier.
Ride the Emotion (Su) — When you suffer the effects of a spell or effect with the compel or emotion descriptor, you may give in without a saving throw. Upon giving in, you may give yourself the staggered condition to disobey compels, or change emotional states.
RIGHT NOW! (Sp) — Once per day, as an immediate action, you may take your turn as if you had delayed your action that round.
Secret Touch (Su) — As a standard action, you may make a touch-attack against a single creature. If you succeed, the target must succeed at a Will save DC: 10 + your charisma mod + ½ your Viceslave level. Failure means that you learn a vitally important secret to the target. The target is not aware that you know, just that you touched them. The knowledge of the secret is only contained within your mind for 24 hours. To retain such secrets you must store them either on paper or in some other medium before the end of the 24 hours.
Sense of Purpose (Ex) — when you attempt to sunder a piece of equipment or attack a structure, you ignore one hardness per Viceslave level.
Slip of the Tongue (Su) — In a conversation, you can drop subliminal commands to the individual you are speaking to. These commands generally involve revealing information that otherwise wouldn’t happen. The target must succeed Sense Motive check DC: 15 + your bluff ranks + ½ your Viceslave level, or accidently spill something they didn’t intend to share with the group. You may do this once a day per Viceslave level. Any who succeeds the check is immune to this power for 24 hours.
Soul Window (Su) —As a move action you may gaze into the eyes of another creature. If the target fails a Will save, DC: 10 + your charisma mod + ½ your Viceslave level, the target must tell you the truth about a single question you ask.
Stalk (Ex) — When you roll a stealth check to pursue someone, you roll 2d20’s and take the higher number.
Strength from Death (Su) — When you strike a humanoid and kill it, you gain the effects of the death knell spell. The benefits last for one round per Viceslave level.
Study Mark (Ex) — As a full-round action, you may study a single character that you can see. Upon finishing your study the target gets a -4 circumstance penalty to Sense Motive checks against you, as well as a -2 circumstance to will-saves. The penalty to Sense Motive increases by 1 for every 3 levels the Viceslave attains. These penalties last until the target leaves your line of sight.
Sudden Display (Ex) — As a Move action, you can create a very distracting display of action and motion. One creature within 30 feet is dazzled for a single round. You may do this 4 + your charisma modifier times a day. This is a fear effect.
Surprise! (Su) — You always act during the surprise round. You cannot be surprised.
Symbolic Destruction (Sp) — Upon destroying an object or a piece of equipment with the Sunder maneuver, you may link that object with a single person. The person must be touching the object destroyed, wearing it, or the object must have that person’s likeness upon it (like a painting or a statue). The creature linked takes damage for each point of hardness the object had. A creature can only be effected by this once per 24 hours.
Thrill of the Hunt (Ex) — Once a day when you would deal damage to a humanoid you may forfeit your damage roll and the rest of your attacks that round. If you do, you again the benefits of haste for one round per Viceslave level.
Traceless Entry (Ex) — In opening a door or passing through a home that isn’t yours, you simply leave no trace. This is identical to the trackless step druid class ability, except it is specifically to places that are owned by someone else.
Uncanny Laughter (Sp) — Once your day, you may cast Hideous Laughter as a spell like ability.
Unpredictability (Su) — Once per day, when someone would succeed a sense motive skill check against you: you may change your course of action, and your intention. You may do this an additional time for every two Viceslave levels you attain.
Unpredictable (Su) — You gain a +1 luck bonus on your initiative rolls. For each creature going after you in combat you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls. For each creature going before you, you suffer a -1 penalty to AC, but a +2 bonus on damage rolls.
Unsettling Act (Su) — As a standard action you can perform an act that is profane. This taboo action causes those that are within 60 feet of you to be shaken. Those that are within 10 feet of you must make a DC: 10 + ½ your Viceslave level + charisma modifier or be frightened for 1 round per 2 Viceslave levels. You may perform this act 3 + your charisma modifier times per day. This is a fear effect.
Word of Agony (Sp) — As a move action, you may study the language somebody uses, and the way they talk. After listening, you learn an exact phrase that you can utter to send the target reeling in guilt and regret. Using this phrase acts as a symbol of pain spell for just that specific target, with you acting as the symbol. The penalty lasts for 1 hour per Viceslave level, or if the character moves further than 60 feet from the Viceslave the effect immediately ends. You retain this phrase until you use a move action to study another target, or the target is reduced to 0 hit points. You must be level 8 before taking this power.
Devastating Strike (Ex) — At 3rd level, you’ve gained enough power in your quest to sate your own internal desires that your unhinged-nature is made manifest in your attacks. While you are wilding a light weapon, improvised, or simple weapon, your attacks deal an extra 1d4 damage. At 5th level and every odd level thereafter, your attacks deal another extra 1d4 damage.
Imparting Mark (Su) — At 5th the Viceslave has the ability to impart part of his constantly nagging mind into the psyche of another being. As a full-round action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, the Viceslave may strike out with his fists against someone. Dealing damage to the target transfers the curse from the Viceslave to the victim. This relieves the Viceslave of his unnatural urges for just a little bit. This brief reprieve lasts 1 hour per Viceslave level. The other being however feels the full force of the urge during this duration. This person must make a Will save, DC: 11 + ½ the Viceslave’s level, or blackout and succumb to the urges sating them as soon as an opportunity presents itself.
Improved Imparting Mark (Su) — At 10th level, the Viceslave has the ability to instill the mark in someone for slightly longer. The reprieve lasts 1 day per level. The marked being however, must succeed a will save, DC 10 + 1 per day since being marked, or succumb to the urge, and black out for the duration of the day.
Greater Imparting Mark (Su) — At 15th level, the Viceslave has the ability to instill it’s mark in someone for a really long time. The Viceslave is relieved of all urges for 1 week per level, and at this point, begins to go into dormancy when someone is marked. The marked person must succeed a DC 12 + 1 per week will save, or succumb to your horrid urge that week, waking the next with no memory of what happened.
Leaving the Urge (Su) — At 20th level, when the Viceslave leaves an imparting mark on another humanoid, they lose 1 level in their current class and gain 1 level in Viceslave. They are now a viceslave.
Urge Sated (Ex) — The Dark whispers in the mind of the viceslave do not need to be heeded anymore. They no longer whisper any desire. The Viceslave knows that each of his powers comes from giving in. At this point, you may enter “dormancy” as a free action any time your aura is off. While dormant, you are unable to be detected as a vice slave, and anything that would detect your alignment detects it as neutral instead. You may exit dormancy whenever you wish as a free action.


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