The Apotheoses

This is the last in my mini-series of BBEG’s… I’ve been hired to do some writing, and I really need to focus on getting that done as the deadline draw’s closer.  That is one of the primary reasons I’ve been radio-silent recently.  But I have still been practicing.

I’ve also been practicing on bringing you one of my “favorite” kind of BBEG’s… a Spell-Caster.

Spell casters are sick and nasty, but often very fragile.  They go down in ONE turn for a properly prepared party… this one… will make that Single-Turn more memorable then anything the party has fought so far.  It’s big, it’s nasty, and it throws spells around like there is no tomorrow… because for her… there is no tomorrow… just a future filled with Deification!


There is a rare path to deification requires sacrifice. A lot of sacrifices, and often by others. Whom so takes up this call rarely turn back the way they came, they often amass power unparalleled quickly. Beginning with small sacrifices, for power, the path becomes clear just what might be necessary for the final transformation.
Only the brave dare attempt to stop such beings, and often the brave are called foolish when they fail.
Role: The pursuit of magical power creates a devastating enemy of most people. Unwilling to return to the normal cycle, the Apotheoses will disrupt the natural flow of economies, and anyone who will get in her way.
Alignment: Any Evil. While neutral and good may exist… the selfish drive of becoming god-like will devastate the lives of those close to the apotheoses.
Hit Die: D6
Class Skills: Appraise, Climb, Craft, Escape Artist, Fly, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge(all), Linguistics, Perception, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spellcraft, Stealth, Survival, Swim, Use Magic Device
Skills Per Level: 4 + Int modifier

ClassFeature Table3
Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
This class is proficient with a single simple weapons and with no armor or shields.
First Step (Sp) — At first level, you have made the first sacrifice towards your magical ascension. In doing so, you have unlocked magical potential most mortals dream of. You may select a single spell on your spell list, and cast it as a standard action as a spell like ability. The caster-level for this spell is your hit dice. The spell is cast using your charisma modifier for the save DC. When you use this spell-like ability, you may not use it again for 1d4 rounds.
Next Step — At 2nd level and every even level thereafter, you take another step towards ascending to magical mastery. This mastery requires sacrifice; and you are more than willing to do it. When you would gain the “next step” class feature, you may add one of the following effects to spells you cast, for a specific benefit.
Cosmic spell (Su) — You may cast the spell as a free action. When you do, you cause a meteor to crash into a nearby area. The meteor deals 1d4 points of damage for every 2 caster levels you have. The meteor deals this damage to a 10 foot area within the range of your spell, the location is determined as if you had missed throwing a splash weapon. These meteors ignore DR, hardness, and SR. You may cast a single cosmic spell in a turn, for every 5 character levels you have.
Life-Draining spell (Su) — You may cast a spell as if it were 1d6 caster levels higher then you currently are. When you cast a spell in this way, each creature (excluding yourself) within 10 feet per caster level takes 1 damage.
Regenerating spell (Su) — You may regain a spell that was consumed. The spell is no longer consumed, however, in doing so, you destroy nearby plant matter. Any non-intelligent plant matter in 10-feet per spell level withers and dies when you prep the spell.
Combined Spell (Su) — You may cast two spells in a single turn as a full-round action, as long as the spells are normally standard actions or full-round actions to cast. When you do this, you destroy water. All fluids in 50 + 25 feet per caster level dries out. Potions have a 50% chance of becoming inert. Fluids inside of a living creature are just fine, and inside of an extra-planer space are safe from this effect.
Legacy Spell (Su) — When you cast a spell with a duration, you may double the duration length. However, the target of the spell loses a family member. The family member must be someone the target of the spell personally knows. If the target has no known family members, the target of the spell does not receive the spell effect, and the spell is lost.
Collapse spell (Su) — When you cast a spell with an effective area, you may double the effective area. When you do, the nearest structure collapses. If the caster is a building when casting this spell, the entire building collapses down to the lowest level, as if all structural supports were gone.
Contingency Spell (Su) — When you prepare spells for the day, you may select a single spell. That spell is consumed for the day. However whenever a single condition you specify is met, the spell is cast as if it were prepared. This spell is cast as a spell-like feature instantaneously, and the condition may not be something you voluntarily can enact upon yourself.
Combat Spell (Su) — When you prepare spells for the day, you may select a single spell. All other spells on that spell slot are forfeit. This spell is a standard action to cast. When you cast this spell, you may cast it again after 1d4 rounds.
Touch spell Mastery (Ex) — When you would cast a touch spell, you may use your total Hit Dice, instead of your base attack bonus.
Save Spell Mastery (Ex) — When you would cast a spell that requires a save, you may sacrifice 1 hit point to increase the save DC by 1. The DC of the spell may never be increased by more than the level of the spell.
Self-Spell Mastery (Ex) — When you prepare a spell with the target of “You” you may immediately cast it. The spell lasts 24 hours. You may not cast any other spells with a target of “you” during this 24 hour period.
Component Mastery (Ex) — Choose a single kind of spell component when you prepare spells for the day, you no longer need that component for all your spells.
Spell Perfection (Ex) — When you select this step, you may choose a single spell. That spell’s level is NOT modified by meta-magic feats. When you cast that spell, it is always a full-round action. You may take this multiple times, each time it must be applied to another spell on a separate spell-level.
Concentration mastery (Su) — When you would lose a spell due to a failed concentration check, the spell is trapped and held in your mind. You may try the concentration check again on a later turn. The spell can be finished when you succeed the concentration check. If you would cast another spell you then lose the spell held in concentration.
Expanded Spell list (Ex) — You may add a spell from another class-spell-list to your list of spells. The level of the spell is the same level as the list you pulled it from. You may take this feature multiple times.
Metamagic feat (Ex) —You may take any meta-magic feat. You may change this meta-magic feat every odd level.
Damaging Spells (Su) —When you cast a spell that does damage, you may add 1 damage to the total for every die of damage dealt.
Spell Resistance (Ex) —You gain spell resistance equal to 5 + ½ your Caster level.
Energy Resistance (Ex) — You gain energy resistance 5+ ½ your caster level against one of the following: Acid, Cold, Electricity or Fire.
Overpowering Spells (Ex) — When you roll against Spell Resistance, you add a +2 your spell-caster check to penetrate it. You may take this feature multiple times, each time the feature stacks.
Final Step (Ex) — Upon achieving 20th level, you have attained a level of deification. You may no longer die as long as you have spell-slots remaining. Anytime the apotheoses would take damage that would reduce him to 0 HP or would fail a save that would kill her, the apotheoses may sacrifice a single prepared spell-slot and ignore the effect.
Spell Focus (Ex) — At 1st level the apotheoses gets the Spell Focus feat at 1st level as a bonus feat.
Improved Spell Focus (Ex) — At 5th level the apotheoses gains the bonus feat, Improved Spell Focus.
Quicken Spell (Ex) — At 9th level the apotheoses gains the bonus feat Quicken Spell. If the Apotheoses already has this spell, she may cast a single Quicken Spell without increasing the level of the spell.
Spellcasting — An apotheoses casts spells from a specific class spell list chosen at 1st level. The apotheoses may select arcanist, cleric/oracle, druid, psychic, or the sorcerer/wizard class list. Once selected, this choice may not be changed. An apotheoses can only cast a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base allotment is given on the table: Apotheosis.
When the apotheoses chooses which class list to cast spells from, she gains additional spells per day If she has a high modifier in Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. The Apotheoses may choose which attribute to derive this bonus from once at level one, and that choice may not be changed.
The apotheoses knows all the spells at a specific level based on his spell list, and she much choose and prepare her spells ahead of time by performing specific rituals. These rituals involve obscure vows and unusual tasks that may include never using the sounds of the letter u, refusing to eat meat, or performing a specific action a specific number of times a day.


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