Something completely different.

I haven’t blog posted in a while.  That’s because I’ve been a little bit busy.  I got published in two d20 books.  I’m very excited about that.  Soon, added to this blog will be a list of published credits.  I’m SUPER stoked about that!

It’s a literal dream come true.

This blog entry isn’t about The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.  It’s about a different game that’s been burning in the back of my head for a while.  You see I love board games, and I LOVE MMO’s.  I really like Raiding in MMO’s.  Mostly, I love Raid-bosses.

I played the WoW collectible Card game a LONG time ago.  I particularly enjoyed the Raid-Decks..  I liked that they gave participants loot cards if they won.  It was a neat addition.  The problem with Collectible Card-Games is that they are a bit… expensive.  So; could we make it a deck-builder?

I’d like to think we could.  Now I love a good deck-builder as much as the next gamer.  So, I’ve put my mind to work on some basic ideas:

1)  I want to replicate boss mechanics from raids.  I want to make it feel like a memorable epic encounter.

2)  I want it difficult, not necessarily punishing, but difficult.  I want players to work for victory.

3)  I’d like cooperative games and I want to capitalize on that idea.

4)  I like loot, Fighting a big nasty has GOT to pay off somehow, right?


I think I’m going to build a prototype of this “Idea” on the Table-Top Simulator, and then… I’m going to go ahead and use the prototype to make updates here on what I’m thinking.

Rules may be posted, after I get some tests undergoing!


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